This magnificent Zenith Royal 500H was manufactured in the USA in 1961. A thousand gleaming trumpets heralded its arrival and eight golden haired maidens threw handfuls of star dust at its base as the sun reached its ‘zenith’. Well they might have…. Were you there?!?

Zenith was formed in 1918 and immediately began manufacturing amateur radio equipment. Zenith produced their first transistor radio in 1955 and went on to manufacture a myriad of handsome and collectible radios.

Zenith radios have a reputation for using top quality components and manufacturing techniques. They often carried tags that proudly proclaimed "Made in America by Highly Skilled and Well Paid Americans"!








The Royal 500H is a regal looking radio fit for a King! I almost feel guilty listening to Sports Talk on it and keep glancing at it sideways half expecting the tuning dial to mysteriously slide around to the National Classical Program.

It is solidly constructed and features an elegant oval speaker grill with detailed Zenith badge at its center! The badge proudly proclaims ‘Deluxe Royal 500’! The sturdy brass kickstand snaps securely into place in all three positions and the jet black cabinet is made of ‘Unbreakable Nylon’.

It was offered in three cabinet colors; black, white or a two tone blue/grey.




Collector Norman Smith, author of the definitive collectors book ‘Zenith Transistor Radios – Evolution of a Classic’ has described the Zenith Royal 500H as the finest pocket transistor radio ever made”. It is certainly a great sounding radio with excellent sensitivity and tone!






This Zenith Deluxe Royal 500 comes with its original satin lined gift box with Zenith logo emblazoned upon it in red. It also comes with a leather carry case, operating guide, promo tag, magnetic earphone and an old Zenith battery box. A former owner drew a little plan for the correct insertion of batteries and left it in the battery box; cute!





I love the battery box for this Zenith, its dynamic!


The black tag for this Zenith promotes its new oval speaker and states “Full 5” x 3” Speaker up to TWICE THE SIZE of Conventional Pocket Radio Speakers”. It certainly does put out excellent full bodied sounds. And as the tag says “Truly the worlds finest performing pocket radio”.



  Inside the instruction manual.


 The zenith logo inside the gift box.




This Zenith Royal 500H uses Chassis number 8HT40Z2 and 8 Zenith transistors marked with a Z.