YAOU 6G-908

This Yaou 6G-908 was manufactured in 1959 by Yaou Electric Co. Ltd of Japan. This is one of those special radios from the 1950?s that appears to be ageless. A sharp modern design combining simple functionality with well defined lines gives it an edgy, fresh look. The phrase ?good design is timeless? can certainly be applied to this radio.

It is small measuring just 87mm H x 58mm W and is surprisingly weighty for its size. Yaou Electric also made radios branded as 'General', 'Petite 1', 'Skymaster' (model 6G-770) and Eldorado (model 6G-770). 





This Yaou features an unusual diagonal cut speaker grill. I have 200 radios in my collection and this is the only one with this type of speaker grill. The same diagonal grill pattern is repeated on the back. Beneath the speaker grill it has sparkly red cloth with silver thread. The black under-painted tuning dial appears to have a silver needle floating inside the clear plastic! This radio is also unusual for its use of two different colored plastics on the face, an uncommon practice during this time.








The patterned speaker grill cloth and exotic diagonal lines of this Yaou remind me of a pythons' scaly skin! I have also seen this radio with a red cabinet.







Inside you can see the serial number of 4475 and the final inspection date of October 15 1959. That was the day this Yaou began its epic journey towards a spot in my collection!

It uses ‘Ten’ brand (Kobe kogyo) transistors.