This Vulcan 6T-220 was manufactured in Japan by Constant. Constant was a brand name used by Fuji High Frequency Radio Lab, Co, Ltd. This company may have been a subsidiary of Fuji Electric Industry Co, Ltd founded in 1923.

Constant designed and manufactured some highly collectible and unusual transistor radios. Constant also made radios under the brand names Vulcan, Windsor, Barlow, Minute Man, Supre-Macy, Personna, Morse, Crestline, AFCO, Fuji, Sabre, Hi-Fi and probably others. Other than that I know very little about Constant.

This 6T-220 uses the same cabinet as the Constant 6T-200 featured elsewhere in my collection.







This Vulcan 6T-220 features a memorable gold reverse-painted face! The black pattern on the front looks like the sight alignment on a telescopic rifle. The tuning dial is also reverse-painted and the cabinet color is a classic 1950’s turquoise.

It is small measuring just 115mm x 74mm






This Vulcan was also manufactured under other brand names such as Windsor, Jupiter, Hi-Delity, Crestline and probably others. It also came with an optional speaker box that it slid into, turning it into a large table radio.






 Inside you will find 6 Toshiba transistors.