This Viscount 6TP-102 was manufactured in Japan circa 1960. It was made by the Nanao Radio Company (NRC) of Tokyo's Meguro Ward. Nanao also manufactured radios branded as 'Nanaola'.

Over the years collectors have speculated about whether Viscount and NRC radios were in fact manufactured by Toshiba.

NRC appears to have had some sort of working relationship with Toshiba. This Viscount uses 6 Toshiba transistors and a Toshiba diode. The model number begins with 6TP and this was common on many Toshiba radios of this period. Until recently Toshiba was the only manufacturer that I knew of that used this numbering system. However I have been reliably informed that radios made by NRC used a very similar numbering system. This information comes from a Japanese book written by people in the industry during the era that production occurred. I have a link here to Jinkei Ohta's Japanese site. If you move halfway down the page you can view a photo of a Nanaola 6TP-102 taken from the aforementioned book.  

Alan Kastner speculates that NRC willfully used this numbering system giving the impression that they were part of or related to an established brand (Toshiba). 

This Vixcount was distributed in the USA by Consolidated S.M. Corp of 1115 Broadway, New York.





This Viscount 6TP-102 features an under-painted tuning dial and silver chevron set behind clear plastic. The plastic cabinet is a brilliant fire engine red. It also features a textured gold speaker grill and a little ‘Viscount’ cloisonné badge.

I have also seen this radio colored black but I’ve not seen it in any other colors. It can also be found branded as a Nanaola with the same model number. It measures 110mm x 70mm.

I've seen an ad for this radio dated May 24 1961 in the Milwaukee Journal. The sale price was $24.95 including leather case, earphone, battery and antenna. It was only available in black. I've also seen an earlier ad dated June 11 1959 for the Nanaola branded version. The sale price was $34.95 and it was available in red or black. 








This Viscount 6TP-102 comes with its original gift box, leather case, leather earphone case, earphone and vintage ad.

The box for this radio has some sort of furry covering on it. It has a weird gold shape on the front that looks like an old tree stump or something, or maybe I’m just not getting it… It has two stickers on the front endorsing it. One is from the NTL (National Testing Laboratories) and the other is from Good Houskeeping magazine. 

Good Houskeeping  magazine started out in 1900 and in 1909 established the ‘Good Houskeeping Seal of Approval’.  Products advertised in the magazine that bear the seal are tested by the ‘Good Houskeeping Research Institue’ and are backed by a two-year limited warranty. Over the years about 5,000 products have been given the seal.














This vintage ad appeared in Good Housekeeping Magazine in the late 1950's.




Inside you can see the Toshiba transistors and diode.