This Trav-ler TR-287-B Power-Mite was manufactured in the USA by the Trav-ler Radio & Television Corporation circa 1957.  It is a stylish and early example of American transistor radio design. It features an unusual top mounted volume knob. This is an uncommon feature found on only a few Japanese radios and on very few American ones!

The metal speaker grill for this radio features a pressed circular pattern that sets it apart from other early sets. It has a carry handle that doubles as a kickstand for lounging. The cabinet is a two tone red and ivory and these radios were often made with two contrasting cabinet colors.

The tuning dial is metal and these are sometimes found badly rusted.

I've seen this radio advertised for $24.95 in the Milwaukee Sentinel, October 6, 1957. 



The Trav-ler Radio & Television Corporation was founded in 1921 in Chicago Illinois. They made tube radios, transistor radios, record players and finally their last television set in 1965.

From 1960 onwards Trav-ler, along with many other American transistor radio manufacturers contracted Japanese companies to produce their radios. This came about due to their inability to compete price wise on the domestic market and the popularity of small Japanese sets with consumers. Check out the Japanese manufactured Trav-ler TR-600 featured elsewhere in my collection.

Variations of this radio can be found branded as Sonora Power-Mite and as Truetone. The Truetone model was distributed and marketed by Western Auto. It is almost identical to the Trav-ler except the speaker grill does not have the pressed circular pattern in the center.

It measures 5.5” x 3.1” (140mm x 80mm)





This Trav-ler Power-Mite uses 6 transistors.