Here we have two magnificent jewels of the Orient! These captivating Toshiba Lace pocket radios were manufactured in Japan in 1959. The design is both visionary and extravagant. These four transistor radios are sometimes known as the 'reflex' model. A year after their release Toshiba manufactured a five transistor model, the 5TR-193.

See an early ad for this radio further down the page. It's from Life Magazine and is dated 29 September 1958.







The obvious highlight of these divine Toshiba Lace radios is the real lace integrated into the clear plastic casing. Phenomenal! Think about what sort of manufacturing headaches that must have entailed. The designers at Toshiba really outdid themselves when they created these beauties. These TR-193’s also feature delicate under-painted tuning dials. It is hard to find these radios without damage to the dial. Both of mine are free of chips and cracks.

I received the following email from 'Vicki' regarding the history of my blue lace;

In talking to the family the only thing they could tell me for sure was that sometime prior to 1957 this radio was given to Ernie Boyd who was a car salesman. They believe it was a promotional item or something he won for selling cars. The cost at that time was $70.00 USD, it was one of the first transistor radios out. He sold it to his brother in-law and sister in-law Earl (Hoppy) Hopkins and Gladys Hopkins. As far as the family remembers it was never used. It was put into a cabinet and only taken out ever so often to see if it worked, then put back. When they passed on it went to the children who boxed it up and kind of forgot about it until they started sorting things out recently. Earl passed many years before Gladys, she passed 15 years ago. That all I can tell you about it. We are glad it has gone to someone who really appreciates it!

Thanks again!






I know of only two other radios that make use of lace in this unique way, the Penny’s 7TM-285S (found in my collection) and the Toshiba 6TR-186. All are very collectible!







Ad from Life Magazine 29 September 1958.
January 1959 ad in Life Magazine for the later 5 Transistor 5TR-193 lace and 6TR-186 'horizontal lace'.


According to the date code inside my Red Lace it was manufactured in July of 1959 and has an extraordinarily low serial number of 379!