"Mature & Masculine"


This highly collectible Toshiba 8TP-90 was manufactured in Japan in August 1960. It is a very mature and masculine design; a shirt pocket portable for the sophisticated man about town!

This radio evokes images of musky Cuban cigars, tailor made Italian suits, fine leather gloves and European sports cars. Add in a beautiful lady, a bright sunny day, a picnic by the lake and a Toshiba 8TP-90 leaning back handsomely on it's stand, all framed by the French Alps - Ahhhh perfect!

This radio was advertised in Ebony Magazine 1961 for $42.95. See the ad below.








What an extraordinary radio this Toshiba is! It features a heavy gold concentric ring speaker grill that is very reminiscent of the Crosley Bulls Eye, a tube radio from the early 1950’s. Note the beautiful framed eye glass tuning dial and understated Toshiba logo in script; it is fine.






Style wise this Toshiba is very different to any other transistor radio manufactured during the ‘Golden Age’. You could say it is incomparable, peerless, worldly and unequaled. Yes that about sums it up! Even the leather case has an air of the cosmopolitan about it.





Ad from Ebony Magazine 1961.  




This 8TP90 is an early one with a low serial number of 1888. The first number (0) of the serial number code (00801888) indicates the year of manufacture (1960). The next two numbers (08) indicate the month (August) and the last five numbers (01888) are the actual serial number. Ref: Alan Kastner's Dating Game.