These exquisite Toshiba 6TP-309’s were manufactured in Japan in 1959. The 6TP-309 is commonly referred to by collectors as the 'Deep V' for obvious reasons. Of all the gaudy monikers thrust on Toshiba radios over the years I believe that this is one that actually complements the design. These radios were originally released in only three colors, black, white or yellow however I have a rare maroon variant branded as 'Murphy' and made in New Zealand.  

"....I can envision this Deep V sitting snugly inside the pocket of a well worn leather jacket alongside a half empty packet of Marlboro Cigarettes…  As lazy smoke rings drift upwards on a hot summer breeze the earthy tones of Otis Redding resonate coolly from its speaker... Just kick back and relax...."






These are beautiful and sophisticated radios with very elegant lines. You will notice how certain design elements come together to accent the dynamic gold chevron set in relief. The cabinet tapers slightly from top to bottom, the speaker grill is offset in a V pattern and the tuning indicator dot has a V shape to it as well.

The volume dial is cool. As the volume is turned higher more concentric rings become visible. It's the little things that count.

Toshiba Corporation is one of Japan's oldest and largest producers of consumer and industrial electric and electronic products. Toshiba Corporation's roots can be traced back to the Tokyo Electric Works Company formed in 1875. Toshiba produced their first radio, the 6TR-127 in 1957 and went on to design and manufacture many of the worlds most memorable and collectible transistor radios!





Advertisements from 1959 editions of Life Magazine.