Lite Blades 

This dreamy little Star*Lite TRN-60C was manufactured in Japan circa 1960. It may have been manufactured by Realtone as it shares the same chassis as the Realtone Valiant TR-803. Some say that this is the 'lite' version of that radio...

It features the use of embedded metal ‘blades’ that run down both sides and across the top of the cabinet. It makes use of a strange black and gold Star*Lite badge that bears some resemblance to a pop art image of Batman, cape outstretched, descending heroically from the sky! What you can’t see it? The flowing script, complete with spelling mistake, (lost in translation) is very reminiscent of that used on the Realtone Electra TR-801 and the badge even attaches with two prongs the same way the Realtone Badges do.  It has a small ‘Jetra’ badge at the lower right of the speaker grill.

It is certainly a unique looking radio!







I have seen this Star*Lite colored light green, orange and white. I have seen variants branded as ‘Suntone’ and as ‘Dream’ both with the same model number of TRN-60C but without the Jetra badge on the front. There is also a rare horizontal Star*Lite style radio from the mid 1950's that uses subminiature tubes, model RN-4B.

This radio is quite small measuring just 3.2”H x 2.3”L x 0.9”W (82mm H x 60mm L x 22mm W).







This Star*Lite TRN-60C uses 6 Matsushita transistors. The model number can be seen on the circuit board. It also uses an old style cylindrical 9V battery.