This sleek and elegant Standard SR-G24A was manufactured in Japan in 1959. It is very slim, measuring just 1.1 inchs deep. It features a metal name badge written in automobile script. Only a select few of Standard's earliest models used this script. It has a vertical, silver under-painted face and a metal speaker grill painted to match the plastic cabinet color. It has twin earphone jacks on the side so that two can share the fun!

This large coat pocket size Standard measures 6.7" W x 4.5" H x 1.1" D (171mm W x 115mm H x 28mm D).





The Standard Radio Corporation was established in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan in 1953 when they began manufacturing portable tube radios. In 1957 they manufactured their first transistor radio, the ultra rare SR-F31. In 1959 a new factory was built in Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan and this became the company's headquarters. In 1965 Standard released the first of its very successful line of Micronic Ruby miniature radios. In March of 1975, Standard Radio Corporation changed its name to Marantz Japan, Inc.







There is an earlier version of this radio; model SR-G24 (drop the A). Slight cabinet and chassis modifications distinguish the two. Ref: Alan Kastner’s RadioWallah.

I have seen these Standards colored light green, pink, ivory and this coral/salmon example.







This SR-G24A uses 7 Hitachi transistors.