"A Powerful Performer"

Or so says an ad for this radio in a June 11 1959 edition of the Montreal Gazette. It was advertised for $39.95 by a store called 'Eatons' alongside other Japanese pocket radios plus American brands RCA and Zenith. Sold in America but manufactured in Japan by Sanritsu Elec Co. Ltd circa 1959.

This Spica ST-600 features a fabulous red and white cloisonné badge in the center of the tuning dial. This enamel badge looks very similar in appearance to the famous Mercedes Benz badge. It features an unusual horseshoe shaped speaker grill and the plentiful use of highly reflective, chrome trim, making it somewhat difficult to photograph.  

The symmetrical design and baby blue cabinet with chrome trim combine to make this a really beautiful radio. The red cloisonné badge is the cherry on top!  

It measures just 4.9” x 3.3” x 1.3” (126mm x 85mm x 34mm).




This Spica ST600 came to me in filthy condition! I took it apart and cleaned each piece individually, as I have done with 80% of my radios. It looks quite good now, if I do say so myself.

I have seen variants of this radio branded as Holiday, Impala and Spiket Deluxe. I have seen them colored red, ivory, dark blue, gray, black and this baby blue example. They can be found with three different dial designs; two arrows chasing each other, a five point star, and a three point star on concentric circles.

I have also seen a seven transistor variant with a plain gold textured speaker grill branded as a ‘Spica Super 7’. Spica also released a vertical version of this radio, model 608







Sanritsu Electric Co. Ltd was originally known as Japan Transformers Works Co. Ltd founded in 1939. In 1945 the company changed its name to Sanritsu Electric Co. Ltd. In October 1955 Sanritsu started working on the development of transistor radios. In December 1964 Sanritsu achieved exports of one million transistor radios, with probably the majority of those being the commonly found ST-600. In 1989 the company changed its name to Sanritz Corporation. Today Sanritz is involved in the research and development of plastic polarizers for use in LCD panels and sunglasses.

REF:  Sanritz History




This Spica ST600 comes with its original gift box, leather carry case, leather earphone case, earphone, Instructions and Warranty Card.

The box for this radio features fantastic graphics and makes some truly outlandish claims!

To quote:

“The King of Transistor Radios”

“The Worlds Most Desired Radio”

“More Spica ST-600 radios have been sold than any other Transistor Radio”

“The fabulous demand for the Spica ST-600 throughout the World has been unequalled by any other model in the History of Radio”

“Symbolizing its Worldwide Acceptance, in some countries, SPICA has become Synonymous with TRANSISTOR RADIO: in the vernacular of those countries, ALL Transistor Radios have come to be referred to as SPICA”

“Luxurious sound from the world’s most famous radio”

Wow talk about blowing your own horn…

















This Spica ST-600 uses non standard size 1.5V batteries, slightly smaller than today’s modern versions. Inside you will find six Hitachi transistors.