This glamorous Sony TRW-621 was manufactured in Japan circa 1960. It features a beautiful built in Seiko watch with alarm! Author Enrico Tedeschi suggests in his book ‘The Magic of Sony’  that the TRW-621 was the first radio with a built in watch. It was probably the first transistor radio with this feature.

A very early crystal set from 1913, the Horophone (funny name!) a British, wall-mounted crystal receiver designed to receive time signals from the Eiffel Tower in Paris used a pocket watch as part of its setup. Ref: Radio! Radio!  By Jonathan Hill


Apart from the obvious highlight of having a built in watch, this TRW-621 also features a recessed stand for lounging, a gold metallic face and a textured metal speaker grill. The front half of the cabinet is colored ivory and the back is coral colored. This radio can also be found colored black with a coral back and ivory with a gray back.  

It measures 4.4” x 2.5” (112mm x 65mm).






Ad for this radio taken from a Nov 1961 edition of Ebony Magazine.

Inside you will find 6 transistors. The serial number is 38008.