This Sony TR-86 was manufactured in Japan on January 24 1959 according to the date code obtained from the electrolytic capacitors. This is normally a fairly accurate guide to dating these radios, give or take a week or two.  It was released several months after the ground breaking and highly successful Sony TR-610 but was far less popular with consumers. It is not as elegant as or as aesthetically pleasing as the TR-610 and looks a little 'boxy' however it does have a beautiful, thick reverse painted face and jet age dial pointer and I like it!

In early advertising Sony calls this "the worlds smallest 8 transistor radio" and promotes its "exceptional tone, selectivity and interference rejection" Ref: Ottawa Citizen 28th of May 1959. 






This luscious red Sony TR-86 looks good enough to eat! It is one of only a handful of Sony radios that used reverse painting on the dial face and on this model it works exceptionally well. It features a large reverse-painted face with a prominent gold ‘8’ above the volume knob. The dial pointer is tapered slightly giving it the appearance of a missile. The vertical lines on the speaker grill are a nice touch to. This radios’ appearance syncs well with the whole 'Jet Age' theme of the late 1950’s.

Upon release it was available in four colors; black, ivory, green and red and sold for $59.95.






This advertisement appeared in a June 8th 1959 edition of Life Magazine. It was rather small and had to be enlarged, hence it' s not very clear.



Inside you will find eight transistors and a serial number of 51848. This Sony uses a standard 9V battery.