This Sony TR-75 was manufactured in Japan in 1958. Refined late 1950’s styling is evident in both the design and color of this radio. It has horizontal plastic louvers covering most of the front which is highlighted by a reverse-painted face.

It also features a cool little number 7 cloisonné badge on the speaker grill. Two variations of this badge can be found on the TR-75, the one pictured and another with the addition of the word ‘Transistor’ under the number 7.

The adjustable metal carrying handle can be switched to one of three positions. The radiant coral cabinet color really ignites this radio! I’ve also seen them colored green and ivory.








According to Enrico Tedeschi , author of ‘The Magic of Sony’ there were just over 37000 TR-75’s manufactured. At the time of its release it sold for 11300 Yen which in 1958 was equivalent to $31USD (The value of the Japanese Yen was set at a fixed rate of 360 yen per $1USD from 1949 to 1971).

I have seen this radio advertised for $59.95 in a May 1959 edition of the Montreal Gazette.






The Sony TR-75 was sold in Canada under the brand name ‘SONY-GENDIS’, with the ‘GENDIS’ branding located on the chrome strip below the tuning dial. According to Canadian collector Michael Jack, GENDIS (General Distributors) imported five thousand of these radios. They are very well made and obviously built to last as Michael also states “they pop up all the time in my travels”.

I purchased this radio on May 6, 2007 here in New Zealand. At the time it was the first radio that I had purchased locally with the preceding 100 coming via international transactions over the previous five months.






Lots of interesting bits and bobs can be found inside this TR-75. A couple of old Sony brand transistors can be seen, one 'top hat' style colored silver and a some flat grey ones. On one of the electrical 'thingys' the old Sony logo used before 1958 is partially obscured.




The old Sony logo partially obscured.