This advertisement for the All Transistor 44 (4TR) appeared in the Honolulu Advertiser on September 26th 1957.

This advertisement appeared in the Albuquerque Journal August 1st 1958. The radio to the left might be model 'Solo' TR-5. The twin speaker radio might be model 51-481 (TW4).

This advertisement appeared in the Arizona Daily Star on January 25th 1959. I do not know what model this is.  

This advertisement for model 7TL appeared in the Boston Globe May 15 1960. The 7TL was also available in a wood case as model 7TW. 

I do not have a date for when this advertisement appeared but at a guess I would say late 1958. It contains models 66, 44, 7TW, 7TL and a couple of tube portables down the bottom.