This Pioneer Crystal Rocket Radio model MG-306 was manufactured by Miniman Radio Co. Ltd in Japan circa 1960.

Miniman Radio Co. Ltd took advantage of the space craze sweeping the world during the 1960’s and made lots of novelty crystal radios shaped like rockets! You can see many of their designs featured in author Eric Wrobbel's fine booklets.





This Miniman Rocket Radio uses a germanium diode to convert radio waves into sound. Germanium is a brittle gray crystalline element that when purified can be used as a semiconductor.

To listen, simply attach the alligator clip to a suitable antenna; a bedspring or large metal object etc and insert the earplug into your ear. This radio does not use a separate ground connection, it uses the listeners body as the ‘ground’. It features a tuning knob that raises and lowers the numbered yellow tip.

With its fun ‘jet age’ design this Rocket Radio would have appealed to the parents of young children and many would have been given as gifts.

It measures just 168mm x 38mm.








Often these crystal radios from the 1950’s and 1960’s are ruined by melt marks. Unfortunately many owners stored their rocket radios with the attached wires wrapped around the plastic body. Over time the vinyl insulation covering the wires reacts with the plastic body of the radio and inflicts nasty melt marks on it.

It is a good idea to wrap the wires in plastic when in storage.




This rocket radio comes with a gift box, instructions, and the original plastic storage bag with groovy yellow graphics! The gift box also features some great retro space age graphics!

I have seen a similar rocket radio that the advertiser tried to pass off as a transistor radio. To see that advertisement and others click here. 















The plastic storage bag.


The alligator clip and earphone.


'Japan' and the model number 'MG-306' are printed on the bottom of the radio.


The instructions for this rocket radio brag about its "Pocketable Size" and "Hi Fi Tone Quality.

There's not much to it but it's fun and it works!