The Regency TR-1 was of course the world’s first Transistor Radio making its debut in 1954.

This is a rare Mottled Mahogany TR-1. Originally consumers were offered four basic colors; Bone White, Mandarin Red, Cloud Grey and Black. Regency quickly released two additional colors in limited quantities; Forest Green and Mottled Mahogany. These additional colors give the TR-1 a marbleized look. The Forest Green has white swirls through the plastic and the Mottled Mahogany has black swirls. 

According to 'The Regency TR-1: 50 Years On' an article by Paul R Farmer in the AWA Review Vol 17 the Mottled Mahogany colored TR-1 had an estimated production run of 5000 with probably 250 - 500 in existence today. These radios are highly sought after by collectors.










This Mottled Mahogany TR-1 has the earlier molded logo with the high crown. Later models had this logo foil stamped on the plastic. Both the tuning dial indicators above and below the dial are molded into the plastic. It has an indicator dot beneath the volume control. Interestingly this dot appears to have been stamped on, not molded into the plastic, as it has almost worn off. It has a coin slot as found on later models. The gold cloth beneath the speaker grill sparkles brilliantly and is not at all faded; it can't have seen much sunlight.

I doubt that this TR-1 had much use given its condition and the fact that the leather case looks practically unused. The case has a pocket at the back for an earphone and it also has a belt loop so you can wear it and show it off. Cool.











This TR-1 has a rather high serial number of 111632. The cap code found on the tuning capacitor is 541 meaning this TR-1 was manufactured in the 41st week of 1955.