Wherever you go... have RADIO!

This superb black Regency TR-1G was manufactured at the I.D.E.A. Regency Factory, Indianapolis USA in November 1955. It was part of an inventory of old ‘hoarded’ stock that probably came from a closed radio shop. It comes fully boxed with accessories and all pieces are in outstanding condition. It may never have been used.

The Regency TR-1G was the second radio released by Regency after the ground breaking TR-1. Production started in May 1955, just six months after the release of the TR-1. They used the same mold as the TR-1 with the most obvious cosmetic difference being the redesigned tuning dial.








The TR-1G is trimmed in copper as opposed to gold on the earlier TR-1. The Regency logo and indicator dots are copper colored as are the concentric rings inside the tuning dial. Upon its release the TR-1G was available to consumers in several brightly colored cabinets. They came in yellow, coral, turquoise, gray and black. This TR-1G has a black painted tuning dial with all other colors in the series using a white painted dial with copper trim. The volume dial looks like metal but it is simply plastic with a silver metalized finish. This finish wore off very quickly on most examples.





According to ‘The Regency TR-1: 50 Years On’ an article by Paul R Farmer in the AWA Review Vol 17 the black colored TR-1G had an estimated production run of 19000 with probably 1000 - 2000 in existence today.






This splendid black TR-1G comes with its original gift box, instruction & warranty card, display card and an old Eveready 22.5V battery!












 Inside the box is marked 'All Transistor' & 'No Tubes' 



This TR-1G originally sold for $44.95. It still has the price sticker on the box. The sticker is marked ‘Lafayette Camera Niagara Falls – Buffalo’.




This is the shop display card that is supposed to sit inside the box behind the radio. It even has a diagram on it showing how the finished product is supposed to look.





This is the complete instruction and warranty card.








This TR-1 has a serial number of 35476. The cap code found on the tuning capacitor is 543 meaning this TR-1 was manufactured in the 43rd week of 1955. It is very clean inside and shows little evidence of use.