The Regency TR-1 was of course the world’s first Transistor Radio making its debut in 1954!

This is a fantastic Cloud Grey TR-1. It has the original logo molded into the plastic and filled with gold paint. It has a low serial number of 7385 and no coin slot. It is thought that Regency produced just over 100,000 TR-1's making this a rare and early example.





According to ‘The Regency TR-1: 50 Years On’ an article by Paul R Farmer in the AWA Review Vol 17 the Cloud Grey colored TR-1 had an estimated production run of 23000 with probably 1100 – 2300 in existence today.





Have a look inside this TR-1! If you want remove the chassis simply undo the screw in the middle of the tuning dial and remove the screw behind it - simple! You will notice the serial number of 7385 and a Jensen speaker. It also has a repaired by Regency sticker from May 1959 covering the Tuning Capacitor.

After being repaired by Regency, TR-1's were given a new larger sticker that covered the set screw dimple on the back cover as was the practice from early 1955 onwards. In the first photo you will see the new larger sticker covering the original small sticker. In the second photo you can see the original small sticker and half of the set screw dimple.

I carefully peeled back that new sticker to access the old one for your enjoyment. I hope you appreciate it!