This two tone blue Peerless GR-3T6 was manufactured in Japan circa 1958. I am unsure who the manufacturer was but it is really a Global or Zephyr in disguise. These are not common radios and more often than not if you find one it will be branded as a Zephyr or a Global. This is the only Peerless GR-3T6 that I have seen.

It measures just 65mm x 100mm x 38mm.










This early Peerless has design, design, design written all over it! Its chunky proportions and form are effervescent, quirky and timeless! The placement of the tuning dial in relation to the volume knob is quite unusual. The face features a thick slab of clear plastic on top of a light blue background with a dramatic red under-painted dial pointer. The horizontal lines on the speaker grill contrast nicely with the small squares that form a rectangle on the clear face. It has a curious little cloisonné badge colored gold and lime green.






These three radios, Zephyr, Zephyr, Peerless all share the same model number and cabinet.

This radio is rather top heavy so care needs to be taken when placing it on a surface in case it tips over. The coin slot is on the top instead of the bottom which just adds to this radios character and individuality!

The leather case for this radio is one of the classiest ones I have come across. It has a metal Peerless badge at the bottom and gold speaker grill cloth behind the cutouts on the front.







Inside this Peerless/Global you can see the handwritten serial number of 1463 on the old Global sticker! Inside the back cover is a gold label with a miniature schematic diagram. On this label is a gold Peerless sticker. I bet that if I peeled that sticker off it would say Global underneath! It also has a Global inspection sticker inside the chassis with a handwritten serial number on it!

This Peerless uses 6 Hitachi transistors.