This Murphy P83 was manufactured in New Zealand by Allied Industries Ltd circa 1962. It was assembled by Allied under license from the Murphy Radio Ltd of Welwyn Garden City, England.

Kiwis have a preoccupation with outdoor activities and this Murphy would have been a favorite at family gatherings, picnics, the beach, and the like during the early 1960's and probably well into the decade I would imagine.

Murphy Radio Ltd was established in England in 1930. After the War, Murphy licensed the manufacture of their radios in New Zealand to Westco Products Ltd. This relationship finished in 1956 and Westco went out of business shortly after. The license to manufacture radios under the Murphy name passed to Allied Industries Ltd. Allied is a subsidiary company of Fisher & Paykell who distributed the radios. 'Allied' Murphys were made specifically for the NZ market and bore only passing resemblance to UK models.








This Murphy P83 looks strangely like a women’s handbag, a pink handbag in fact! It resembles closely some European 'handbag' style radios of the same era i.e the Normende Transita from 1960. It features a beautiful tuning dial with a classic propeller style indicator. The wooden cabinet is covered with flecks of pink, white and gray paint; splatter style.

The flexible plastic handle on top extends slightly like the handles on vintage suitcases of the same period. It measures 12.2” (310mm) x 8.4” (215mm).

It is very well made and has a large speaker inside that feeds the ears a veritable smorgasbord of clear full bodied sounds.







Murphy must have had a close business relationship with Toshiba given the many Toshiba parts found inside this P83 and the fact that the Murphy P62 featured elsewhere in this section is really a rebranded Toshiba 6TP-309.

It uses 8 Igetric transistors.