This little Morse Supertone NTR-150 was manufactured in Japan circa 1959/60. I have no idea who manufactured it. It's another one of those radio mysteries... It can also be found branded as a Petite with the same model number.






The perforations on the speaker grill of this Morse Supertone form the image of an ancient temple or pagoda. This is a rather uncommon and unique feature. It has a metal kickstand at the back and a little cloisonné badge on the front. It shares the same cabinet as the Vista and Fleetwood NTR-150’s. Although all three radios share the same model number the Vista and Fleetwood are cosmetically different to the Morse Supertone.

It measures just 59mm W x 99mm H. Interestingly this radio does not have a coin slot for opening the cabinet.






The Sams Photofact for the Petite NTR-150 from 1961 is a good indicator that this radio was manufactured one or two years beforehand.