This Mitsubishi 6X-720 was manufactured in Japan in 1959, according to the date code on the volume switch.

It is rather contemporary looking and design wise it appears to be well ahead of its time. It uses Hitachi transistors and this corroborates the aforementioned date code as it was not until 1959 (probably late 1959) that Mitsubishi Electric began manufacturing their own transistors (see Mitsubishi 8X-360). In the process they added to the already severe competition amongst semiconductor manufacturers Sony, Hitachi, NEC, Toshiba, Kobe Kogyo and Fuji.

Ref: Competitive-cum-Cooperative Interfirm Relations and Dynamics in the Japanese Semiconductor Industry’  by Yoshitaka Okada


This Mitsubishi 6X-720 features a two tone chocolate brown and ivory colored case that reminds me of a tasty Neapolitan treat! It is also highlighted by the use of a recessed tuning dial that limits the chance of it being knocked off a station whilst placing it in a shirt pocket.

The famous Mitsubishi logo comprising of three interconnected ruby red diamonds sits prominently above the tuning dial. The little red cloisonné badge on the front of the textured metal speaker grill is reminiscent of the Motorola logo.

It has a metal kick stand on the back for lounging.






The name ‘Mitsubishi’ means "three diamonds" in Japanese. The company was originally founded shortly after the Meiji Restoration in 1868 by Yataro Iwasaki, an enterprising Samurai. By the mid 1910’s Mitsubishi was one of the largest companies in Japan, with diversified interests in heavy manufacturing, mining, real estate, banking, and trading. In order to attract investor capital, the Iwasaki family created several independent companies out of Mitsubishi's subsidiaries. Mitsubishi Electric was one of them, created in 1921.

Mitsubishi began manufacturing valve radios in the 1940’s and in 1953 produced their first television. In the 1960’s Mitsubishi diversified and began developing and manufacturing computers.




As previously mentioned, this Mitsubishi 6X-720 uses Hitachi transistors. It also makes use of components branded as Fox. Behind the white 'Fox' capacitor the NEN GO date code of '34.08A' can be seen on the side of the volume switch. This code corresponds to August 1959. It uses a Mitsubishi speaker.