This early Linmark T-60 was manufactured in Japan circa 1958, according to the date code found on the volume switch and electrolytic capacitors. At they have a Yokotsu T-60 displayed and the manufacturer is listed inside the radio as Yokohama Tsushin Kogyo KK. This radio is almost identical to the the Linmark T-60 so I think its a safe bet to assume they were both made by the same company. Interestingly Shiriro Incorporated, the distributor of this radio established their first international office in Yokohama, Japan in 1917. Based out of the same city they might possibly have been working with Yokohama Tsushin Kogyo KK well before 1958. I don't really know much at all about Yokohama Tsushin Kogyo KK.

It features an over sized tuning dial, although most of it is hidden behind the metal face. Linmark is written on the face in beautiful, flowing script. The earphone jack is located at the bottom right of the radio, which is a bit unusual. It has a beveled back for better grip and a kick stand for ‘lounging’.

Other Linmark models that I’m aware of include the T-25, T-40, T-61, T-62, T-63, T-64, T-66, T-66A, T-67, T-80. The T-25 is a two transistor Boys Radio. The T-40 (four transistor) and T-61 use the same cabinet as my T-60. The T-62 is a re branded Viscount 6TP-102.

The T-63 is a beautiful reverse painted radio. The T-66 is a re branded Marvel 6YR-21. The T-80 is another beautiful radio that is found with two different reverse painted designs, one of which I have in my collection branded as an Air Chief 4C54









This Linmark T-60 was distributed in the USA by Shriro Incorporated of New York. Shririo was also the distributor of Crown radios.   

Shriro Incorporated is an International Marketing and Distribution Company founded in China in 1906. They are privately owned and have been under the direction of one family since 1909. They established their first international office in Yokohama Japan in 1917. From 1945 Shriro expanded rapidly throughout South East Asia and Canada. During the late 1950’s and possibly into the 1960’s Shriro had an office in New York. Shriro is still going strong today.









This Linmark T-60 uses Toshiba transistors and a Matsushita (National/Panasonic) speaker and capacitors. The date code of 807190 can be seen on the capacitor. This code translates to a date of 19/07/1958. The label from a Yokotsu T-60 listing Yokohama Tsushin Kogyo KK as the manufacturer can be seen below the linmark label.