This audacious Lafayette FS-91 was manufactured in Japan circa 1960 for American company Lafayette Radio Electronics Corp. I’m unsure who manufactured this little jewel but Author Norman R Smith has a Lafayette FS-91 listed under the ‘Crown’ section of his excellent book ‘Transistor Radios 1954 – 1968’. It sure looks like the type of spectacular design that Crown would come up with.

The debut of this radio was advertised in a August 29, 1960 edition of Billboard Magazine. Lafayette called it 'The Mighty 9' and advertised it for $26.95. See the ad below. 

Established in the 1920s, Lafayette Radio Electronics Corp was a thriving mail-order catalog business supplying electronic components to amateur radio operators across the USA. Lafayette opened their first company store in 1968 and eventually closed up shop in 1981.






This is one transistor radio that the ‘Art Deco’ tag can truly be applied to. Its appearance looks to have been inspired by the famous art deco design era of the 1930’s. It features a large three dimensional under-painted face with offset pin stripes framing a valiant golden arch. It has a kickstand on the back for lounging. It’s a classic for sure!


This Lafayette FS-91 comes with a very cool black gift box, leather case, leather earphone case, earphone, schematic diagram and an old National Hi-Top brand battery made by Matsushita.







Ad from Billboard Magazine announcing the debut of 'The Mighty 9' on August 29, 1960.



This Lafayette FS-91 makes use of 9 Hitachi transistors and has a serial number of 091260.