This little Hoffman BP-708 was manufactured in Japan by Sharp circa 1960. These radios were also sold as a Sharp BP-318 and it even has BP-318 printed on the circuit board.

This tan colored Hoffman BP-708 has absolutely no wear to the coin slot and looks practically brand new. This is just the way it must have looked sitting proudly in the window of Weisfields Jewelers, where it was sold back in 1961! It features an under-painted face and slide rule tuning dial. The sparkling metal speaker grill is straight and free of marks. It also features an attractive little cloisonné badge on the bottom left corner.  It measures just 125mm L x 70mm H and is about the same size as a Regency TR-1.





Sharp was founded in 1912 by Tokuji Hayakawa as a small metalwork shop in the center of Tokyo. The first product that they manufactured was a patented belt buckle. In April 1925 Sharp produced Japan's first working radio in the form of a crystal set. In 1928 Sharp began selling tube radios. In 1942, the company reverted to its original name of Hayakawa Electric Industry Co Ltd but still continued to sell products branded as Sharp. In 1959 after further expansion Sharp began to manufacture and offer a full range of consumer electronics.




Hoffman Electronics Corporation was formed in 1941 in Los Angeles.  Hoffman grew steadily from a small radio manufacturer into a diversified national corporation with seven divisions in multiple states.

From 1941 to 1977, Hoffman made significant advances in solar power and solar cells, semi-conductors, airborne navigation systems, color television, antenna transmission, radar technology, satellite and transistor radios. In 1977, after 36 years in business, the Board of Directors at Hoffman Electronics decided to sell off the main divisions to Gould Electronics.






This Hoffman comes with its original gift box lined in white satin. It also has its leather carrying case with gold embossed ‘Hoffman’ logo, leather earphone case, unused earphone and operating instructions.  To top it off it also comes with a sales invoice for 29.95 from Weisfield’s Jewellers dated 9/15/1961!

It really is a nice little time capsule!





The sales invoice for this Hoffman has some sharp deals on the back as well!

The 707 model came in the same tan color as the 708.






Note that this Hoffman BP-708 has BP-318 printed on the circuit board with reference to the Sharp BP-318.