This Hitachi TH-666 was manufactured in 1959 in Japan. I believe that it was the first Hitachi shirt pocket size radio to feature reverse-painting.

Hitachi, Ltd (株式会社日立製作所,) was founded in 1910 by Namihei Odaira as an electrical repair shop. Their first products were 5hp electric motors.  In 1924 they manufactured Japans first electric locomotive and in 1932 they manufactured Hitachi’s first electric refrigerator.

Hitachi manufactured their first transistor radio, the TH-669 in 1957. Ref Alan Kastner’s RadioWallah.




This Hitachi TH-666 features an under-painted face and tuning dial. The gold ‘h’ in the center of the tuning dial appears to slightly gothic in appearance. Mmmmm Japanese gothic from 1959….?!?

It has a nice little red and gold cloisonné badge at the bottom of the painted metal speaker grill. This early circular Hitachi logo appears on many of their radios and literature and is still in use today.

This radio is unusual for its lack of CD (Civil Defense) marks on the tuning dial. At this time most radios made for the American market carried these marks.





Hitachi claimed at the time this radio was released that it was the smallest of its type ever madeā€¦ It measures just 99mm x 58mm. See the vintage 1959 Life Magazine ad here.

This TH-666 was available in three color schemes; two tone red & grey, two tone gold & black and this two tone pearl and ivory example.









This Hitachi TH-666 comes with its original gift box, leather case, leather earphone case, earphone, blue polishing cloth, and polishing cloth bag! As an added bonus it also comes with a price tag of $28.75 dated 08/04/1959. The box is also marked with the same sticker!



The instruction book looks like a cutout of the radio!


The old sales tag dated 8-4-59


The polishing cloth.


Inside you will find 6 Hitachi transistors.