This outstanding Global GR-900 was manufactured in Japan circa 1961. It came in a variety of colors including cornflower blue, black, white with a blue/gray face and this attractive fire engine red example. It features an attractive red, gold and black under-painted tuning dial with an eye catching ‘9’ staring boldly back. The tuning dial is reminiscent of the speedometer in a 1960's sports car. The white plastic behind the tuning dial is lightly corrugated. It has an interesting little cloisonné badge bottom right, common on most Global models.

On the 8th of March 1962 this model was advertised in Florida's Ocala Star Banner. The ad went like this;

 Giant Value!

 Pocket Size

Global 9 Transistor Radio


This high quality 9 transistor radio comes complete with battery, earphone, carrying case. Its 9 transistor circuit gives extra volume. Plays anywhere - plane, train, car, bus. Large speaker. Superbly sensitive pickup. Full broadcast ban.

McCrory's 2-6 E. Broadway.









Its overall design and look reminds me of those retro 1970’s T-Shirts with the big bold number on the front, normally worn by an attractive blond beach babe. Unfortunately, no pocket radio made in the 1970’s had the style and presence of this beauty.








This Global GR-900 comes with its rare outer box, inner gift box, instruction manual and leather case.









 Outer box.









 Many of these Global’s are missing their slide on battery cover but not this one.