This two transistor Futura 666 was manufactured by Bell Products in the USA circa 1959. Bell Products (not to be confused with Bell Labs) sold some really quirky products aimed at youngsters, including a toy Geiger Counter! Bell Products also manufactured radios branded as Futura Medallion and Futura Bel Air.

This radio is unusual because it is the American equivalent of the two transistor Japanese 'Boys Radio'. It is earphone only and is manufactured in the style of a crystal radio, imitating a transistor radio, with a fake speaker grill. Just to clarify, that’s a transistor radio made to look like a crystal radio imitating a transistor radio…!

This Futura 666 can also be found branded as a Happi-Time, sold by Sears. I have seen the Happi-Time advertised in a December 14 1959 edition of the Schenectady (New York) Gazette. The advertisement went like this:


Pocket Size Transistor Radio


Completely portable... needs no ground or aerial!

All transistor with Reflex Circuit and volume control.

Fits in pocket or purse.








This Futura 666 has gold foil beneath the tuning dial and a sturdy earphone. I have shortened the earphone wire for display purposes by wrapping it inside the radio. The gold foil is fragile and is often missing on these radios. Futura is stamped on the lower left of the fake speaker grill. It is proudly marked on the tuning dial 'All Transistor'. It is stamped with the Bell Products logo on the back.




This Futura comes with its original gold gift box and Operating Instructions. Just imagine the excitement of unwrapping this little beauty on Christmas day, 1962!











Inside you can see two transistors and the schematic diagram inside the back cover. Later versions came with an extra transistor.