This delectable little Electro 6 transistor radio was manufactured in Japan circa 1959. It is small measuring just 3.7” H x 2.2” L. It features a reverse painted face and is one of only a few transistor radios that have reverse painted plastic surrounding the metal speaker grill.

It is also seen this radio branded as 'Suntone' and as 'Top Notch' with the same cabinet and speaker grill but a different face and badge. Ref Bob Davidson's M31 Galaxy of Transistor Radios.








"As the lazy sun set behind the rolling hills of Mitsumi the great Samurai Warrior Electro-San gazed through the square slot of his tuning dial at the vintage electronic marvels standing before him. He stood proudly as his kinsmen dressed him in full ceremonial battle dress, piece by precious piece. The suns last rays seemed to fuse with his flowing metal armor creating around him a halo of gold and silver light (much like reverse painting!) As his fellow fighters in the Great War on Sum-Tubedsoundz-Awa gathered around him he saluted them and they in turn bowed before him reverently. He was a God to them, one of the great ones, returning home as victor and hero!"

"Yes the war on tubes was won by fearless Japanese pocket radios like this superb little Electro-San."




This little Electro 6 has an unusual battery compartment. On most radios of this era the entire cabinet needs to be opened via the coin slot in order to change the batteries. With the cabinet open the radio can be easily taken apart and cleaned or fixed. This radio has a silver button on the back that opens a separate battery door and the electronics above are sealed off. There is no visible way to have a look at the electronics inside, no screws or rivets, nothing. The front face of the radio must have been glued into place by the manufacturer hiding a couple of screws and forever denying future collectors access.