This chunky little Crestline 6T-270 was manufactured in Japan by Constant circa 1959. Constant was a brand name used by Fuji High Frequency Radio Lab, Co, Ltd. This company may have been a subsidiary of Fuji Electric Industry Co, Ltd founded in 1923.

Constant designed and manufactured some highly collectible and unusual transistor radios. Constant also made radios under the brand names Vulcan, Windsor, Barlow, Minute Man, Supre-Macy, Personna, Morse, Crestline, AFCO, Fuji, Sabre, Hi-Fi and probably others. Other than that I know very little about Constant.






This little ‘Jet Age’ Crestline features unusual top mounted tuning and volume controls! It has a nice under-painted gold face in a waffle motif with a centered ‘V6’ logo. It measures just 58mm W x 98mm H.






Can you imagine this little radio orbiting the moon before engaging its top mounted boosters and letting off a thick jet of steam as it slowly descends to the surface ala the lunar module? I can!

This 6T-270 uses the same cabinet as the 6T-170. Both are made by Constant with the 6T-170 branded as a Minute Man.







This Crestline 6T-270 uses six Toshiba transistors.