This exquisite Continental TR-622 was manufactured in Japan in 1959 for distribution by the Continental Merchandise Co. Inc.

Continental Merchandise Co. Inc., was located at 13 West 27th Street, New York! They were a distributor of transistor radios during the late 1950’s and 1960’s marketed under the Continental brand name. According to author and collector Eric Wrobbel Continental acted as a US distributor of early Sharp brand radios. There is also a suspicion that Crown was involved in either the manufacture or design of Continental branded radios. Author Norman Smith has listed the Continental TR-622 under the ‘Crown’ section not the ‘Sharp’ section in his excellent book ‘Transistor Radios 1954-1968’. However putting aside all speculation I can say that this radio was almost certainly manufactured by Aiwa! How did I come to this stunning conclusion? Visit Bob Davidson’s celebrated ‘M31 Galaxy of Transistor Radios’ he has one listed with the ‘Aiwa’ logo stamped on the front!









This elegant Continental TR-622 features delicate reverse painted highlights framing the tuning dial. It is one of the most beautiful and feminine radios to come out of the ‘Golden Age’ of transistor radio design. It has fine lines and the cabinet tapers slightly towards the base adding to its overall femininity.

There is a variant of this Continental with the same model number. On the variant the reverse painted face has gold stars on a black background.








This Continental TR-622 comes with its original gift box, leather case, leather earphone case, earphone, leather carry handle, leather carry handle case and a plastic bag marked ‘Made in Japan’. It also comes with a Warranty Card and price tag of $27.50.

On the Warranty Card it says place 3c stamp here… How times have changed!