This red suitcase style Clipper 6 Transistor was manufactured in New Zealand by Akrad Radio Corporation Ltd circa 1962. The Akrad Radio Corporation developed out of a small radio sales and repair business that 18 year old Keith M Wrigley started in Waihi in 1932. Akrad is an acronym for 'Auckland Radio'. In 1953 Akrad became associated with PYE Radio Ltd of England and it was during this year that the first New Zealand made PYE radios appeared. PYE radios were an immediate success on the New Zealand market and in 1958 Akrad employed more than 200 people in its Waihi factory. 

In 1962 PYE Radio Ltd acquired a majority shareholding in Akrad which then became PYE (NZ) Ltd. In 1967 a reconstruction of the parent company PYE Radio Ltd of England took place when Philips purchased a controlling share. Ten years later Phillips gained full control of PYE Radio Ltd. Eventually this led, in 1982, to the closure of all nine New Zealand companies then owned by PYE.  Among the casualties were the PYE Electronics Corporation of New Zealand Ltd and Akrad Radio Corporation Ltd. This event marked the end of a chapter in the history of electronics manufacturing in New Zealand. 

Ref: 'The Golden Age of Radio in the Home' by John W Stokes





This Clipper features a brilliant red leather clad cabinet over a metal chassis. The volume and tuning dials are found on the side of the cabinet and resemble a set of earmuffs. It has a beautiful red and gold cloisonné badge on the metal speaker grill.





This Clipper measures 7.6" (195mm) x 5.5" (140mm). I have also seen this radio coloured deep blue.





Inside this Clipper you will find 6 Toshiba transistors and other electronic bits and pieces branded as Ducon and Plessey. It has 3460 printed on the circuit board and this is a possible model number. It uses a Rola model F speaker.