This great looking Candle PTR-23 Boys Radio was made by Tokyo Transistor Industry Co Ltd circa 1961. Tokyo Transistor Industry Co Ltd manufactured radios under many brand names and successfully marketed them through department and drug stores. They produced radios bearing names such as Universal, Omegas, Goldtone, O.M.G.S, Krysler, Candle & probably others.






This Candle is one of my favorite Boys Radios. As a two transistor radio it gives surprisingly good performance and looks very smart. Check out the nifty speaker grill! This radio was almost certainly styled after the very adult and masculine looking Toshiba 8TP-90 'Concentric Ring' featured elsewhere in my collection. Back in 1961 you would have been the coolest kid on the block with one of these little beauties!

Candle was a well established brand in the late fifties and early sixties and produced a lot of Boys Radios although this one appears to be uncommon. This radio was also marketed under the name 'Mascot II'.



This mint Candle comes with its original gift box, detachable antenna, antenna pouch and an old Kent brand battery made in Japan!





This Candle has an interesting serial number of 'ODE-201' using a combination of letters and numbers. I've seen another, coral colored example with a serial number of IMY-203.

Looking inside you can see the clean, simple layout of the circuit board. It uses two Hitachi transistors.








"Wow baby these two transistor boys radios are really underrated"!