Bulova Hercules - The Most Powerful of All!

This Bulova 660 was manufactured in the USA circa 1958. In early advertising Bulova refer to this radio as the ‘Hercules’. It originally sold for $59.95 (Ref: The Pittsburgh Press December 4 1960).

Bulova had their beginnings in 1875 when Joseph Bulova a 23 year old immigrant from Bohemia opened a small jewelry shop on Maiden Lane in New York City. In 1926 Bulova produced America’s first radio commercial and in 1928 they introduced the world’s first clock radio.

In the 1950s Bulova sold a line of high end transistor radios exclusively in jewelry stores across America. Bulova radios were obviously aimed at the wealthy and affluent!







The Bulova 660 Hercules is a glamorous and sophisticated radio, well crafted and made to last. It offers magnificent styling and features a unique diamond cut speaker grill and beautiful fine detailing around the tuning dial.

It is coat pocket size and has an adjustable handle that doubles as a stand.








I can imagine this Bulova Hercules in the hands of a famous fifties movie star, diamond studded cuff links mirrored by the sparkling speaker grill or sitting proudly at an outdoor cafe in downtown Rome, enchanting a gathering crowd of onlookers.

Cultivated, smooth and worldly; this radio is the American boss!






  This ad comes from a 1958 edition of Life Magazine.



Note the thick cardboard insert inside inscribed with the slogan "Built with Bulova Watch Precision". Bulova was the only manufacturer that I know of that cared enough to shield the electronically challenged amongst us from the accusing stare of that baffling circuit board!

A blue Raytheon transistor is visible in the foreground.