AERO G-607

This AERO G-607 was manufactured by Japanese company Tokai Wireless Co Ltd in Hong Kong circa 1963. It is a re-branded Tokai G-607. The SAMS Photofact schematic diagram for the Tokai G-607 from 1961/62 can be seen at the bottom of the page.  

Tokai manufactured a number of radios under their own name and even more branded as Honey Tone, Danube, Vista, Petite, Roberts, Sissy, Windsor, Royal, Summit, Ambassador, Vesper, Fona and probably more.

Author Norman Smith, in his book, 'Transistor Radios 1954 – 1968'  lists the Motorola X11 as a radio made by Tokai. The X11 was the first Motorola radio made in Japan. The Radio Museum website lists Tokai as the manufacturer of a Tube Portable from 1955, the Million P-46.

That is the extent of my knowledge regarding Tokai Wireless Co Ltd.






This AERO G-607 is a solid, well made little radio measuring 2.5 x 3 inch / 64 x 76 mm. It features a neat cloisonné badge on the face with a winged horse or griffin at its center and gold wings flanking it. The front is chrome with a small round speaker grill. It has a small kickstand at the back and it’s a good idea to use this as the heavy speaker is not centered, making it a little unstable and prone to toppling forward off the shelf!





Compare this AERO G-607 with the Tokai RA-611. Although cosmetically they look different, both use the same cabinet and electrical components and are essentially the same radio.

This AERO G-607 can also be found branded as a Honey Tone, Danube, Sissy and Tokai, all with the same model number.



The AERO uses an old style cylindrical 9V battery. If anyone can tell me the brand of the transistors pictured then please do. The forth photo shows the AERO in comparison with the Tokai RA-611.