"A whole U.S. consumer market is threatened, U.S. firms contend, by the flood of neatly packaged, competitively priced transistorized portable radios bearing the 'Made in Japan' label."

"CBS Electronics estimates 40% of the U.S. market in transistor radios may go to the Japanese in 1960 unless checked."

"Wages paid to skilled Japanese labor in the radio-phone field are about one fifth of what they are in this country"

 Three pertinent quotes from this informative article that appeared in a November 1959 edition of Billboard Magazine.


From the above article comes the following quote;
"A group of top manufacturers (Arvin, Sylvania, CBS Electronics, Radio Development & Research, Clevite, Tung-Sol) has complained to the Office of Civil Defence & Mobilization that the free-wheeling Japanese invasion is 'undermining' the defense capacity of U.S industry - a serious charge.
This quote leads in nicely to a followup article that appeared in a June 1962 edition of Billboard Magazine.